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How to spot genuine wood veneer furniture.

You must know that ideal veneers are thin sheets of wood peeled off from a tree. So, the grain pattern of the tree remains ingrained on the veneer. If you find that the grain pattern is uniform, it can be assumed that it is natural. If the pattern is either not uniform, or too perfect to be possible, there remains a chance that the veneer is synthetically manufactured. So, you should check out how the grain pattern remains ingrained on the veneer.

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Why wood veneer makes furniture better!

Only the best, most interesting logs are cut into veneer. This is primarily an economic decision, sellers and veneer makers can make more money from a high quality log sliced into veneer than they can from sawing it into boards. And certain cuts, are structurally unsound in ‘the solid’. These beautiful woods would never be available if it weren’t for them being sliced into veneer.

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It’s all in the Grain

There’s a marked scarcity of fine logs available world-wide. Couple this with the idea that there is an ever-increasing demand for fine wood and you have a formula for a log that is worth ten times what it was 5 years ago. By slicing a log into veneer, the square foot of “face” material is increased by over 4,000% and a new economy is created for these forest products.

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